Monday, June 20, 2011


Hello friends... I have to make this one kinda quick because I have a volleyball open gym! And I really want to eat dinner cuz well I am a teenager and I am hungry  ALL THE TIME lol.
   Yesterday I made a phone call to my Nanny and it turns out she was watching a movie so I gave her a really really really long talk it was just really good fun! And i bet she even liked it too BUT she wont admit it!
    Also today we had our first day of baskeball camp and GUESS WHAT only 4 people showed up for 8th grade... but oh well I am getting better and they are NOT!
    I really hope people are reading this or else this will be like a a a a um.... enternet diary I mean it kinda already is but like it will be private.
   SO.... Nina has this special friend named Josh Duskin... and aparintally he wont text her back so she is all depressed so I think it is very funny!  :P
  I feel like I am rambling on do you? Anyone who is reading this?
  Tonight for my dinner I got my family to go to the store and by speggetti IDK how to spell along with everything you need to make it and so I GOT MY DINNER I GOT MY DINNER!!!!! 
   So I am gonna go now don't miss me to much...


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  1. You are too funny. Keep up the good work. Love ya. Nanny