Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just Starting Off

  I don't know what to write or what to say on stuff like these but... I needed something to do one day. So here I am blogging away. This is probably my Third or Fouth blog. But... this time I am gonna do it for sure!
  So my name is Ashton Smith. I live in Camdenton Missouri. I have 1 twin sister, and a very loving mom and dad. I also have a dog named temperance. Tempy for short.
  I am making this blog because well like I said i was very bord one day when Nina my sis was gone and plus this is so my family can keep up wit the drama and my life over the summer and the school year.
  Today would be a Saturday and I have done absoulty nothing! Other than the fact that we went the mall and bought stuff for my cousin Mia and my sis again Nina for no reason at all really! Just to spoil them! And to give my mom and I stuff to do while Nina is at a 5 hour thing with her FCA friends with my old teacher Miss.Sappington!
   Anyway yeah this is gonna be my official blog and I am really really gonna keep up with it this time no matter what! And if I don't write in a while tell me so that i can catch you up on what you have been missing!


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