Thursday, June 23, 2011


 HELLER!!!!  I am gonna say that, that is my new word! I answer my phone with it, I say hello to my family with it... I just love it thanks to Tyler Perry movies!!
   Anyway I just got done with volleyball and I am so tired thank God that it was the last day of basketball camp because it was more like practices almost execpt for the first 2 days... the next were just plain killers!!!! Thanks to Mr. Richie.. God bless his next team LOL!
   Also I ran 2 1/2 miles last night but toward the end I i walked the curves ONLY one though... I mean like I only walk ONE curve per the last couple of laps that I did...BUT hey at least I am doing something thanks to my wonderful mother! Its part of the big picture to jog the WHOLE turkey trot... I think she is nuts and that she wont be able to do it BUT... hey thats just my opinion!
   I also weight lift in the morning its kinda fun cuz you get to hang and talk to some of your friends or do some "quality" time bonding with my "wonderful" sister!!!!

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